Oligo Expert

My name is Paul A. Morcos, Ph.D. and my expertise includes antisense technologies and their use in research and therapeutics.  I have focused the majority of my years on Morpholino oligos, however I believe there are several good approaches to antisense including siRNA and modified DNA-based oligos.  I have remained current with competing antisense technologies and firmly believe there is bright future for antisense in research and therapeutics.  I have more than two decades of bench science experience and I have remained current with advancements in experimental methodologies.  I've helped thousands of researchers with their experiments including non-antisense oligo issues.  I provide secure and confidential support of your antisense oligo projects including targeting, oligo design, experimental design, and optimization of targeted and non-targeted cytosolic delivery of oligos.  My goal is to educate my customers and to eliminate the hurdles that many experience in antisense.  My extensive experience as a bench scientist, scientific writer, product marketer, and customer support professional provides me with a very broad background to support you with issues beyond your antisense needs as well.
I understand targeting rules for all antisense types and perhaps more importantly I understand the thermodynamics of binding energies and concentration (two things often overlooked).  I also understand that optimizing efficacy includes optimizing delivery to the cytosol while also avoiding non-specific targeting and the use of toxic delivery reagents.
I will make use of a tremendous app called Oligo Maker which was developed over several years in conjunction with thermodynamics experts to design and analyze oligos.  Proper oligo design is critical for optimal antisense results and contributes significantly to potential intellectual property.
As part of a consulting contract, all data, communications and oligo designs are confidential and any intellectual property are owned by the customer.  I am available for on-site consulting and can be contracted for presentations as well.

Why should you rely on Oligo Expert for help with your antisense project?

= I have more than 20 years experience in antisense, oligo design, experimental design, troubleshooting, biological bench work and customer support.    I will be a member of your team, work confidentially and all information and data I receive or provide remains entirely yours.
= I have helped thousands of researchers with their antisense experiments and  I can solve the issues researchers experience in  antisense including choosing a test system, targeting rules, achieving optimized delivery to target, and setting concentrations to optimize efficacy while retaining specificity.
= I have developed a powerful and current oligo design and analysis tool called Oligo Maker that takes the guesswork out of designing DNA,  RNA, or Morpholino oligos.  I take into account all oligo properties to design optimal oligos for your antisense project and provide you with detailed oligo properties including Tm, dimer formation, hairpin formation, and potential secondary targets via blast searches. 
= The Oligo Expert website is secure and all interactions with customers are encrypted and stored on-site with secure and redundant backup.  Oligo designs and support requests are handled through ticket systems that allow customers to log in and see entire interactions in one place.  You may lose an email but you won't lose any interaction with me.