The Oligo Expert Philosophy

There are currently several choices in antisense oligos and each type has their strengths and weaknesses. The dominant antisense oligo type in research is siRNA but it is by no means always the best choice. What if you want to interfere with splicing of pre-mRNA? siRNA will not do the job. In order to interfere with splicing you would need to choose a "steric-block" antisense type like Morpholinos (PMOs), 2'O-methyl RNA, or ethoxy-methoxy DNA oligos, oligo types that bind but do not degrade the mRNA.
Making the right choice is dependent on many factors: your research test systems and expertise, your goals, your budget, and previously published successes. You may have strong opinions about antisense and may have already settled on the type you wish to pursue. No matter where you are at in this process, Oligo Expert is here to help.
The Oligo Expert philosophy is to choose the very best oligos to do the job and to leave as little to chance as possible. There are three critical aspects to antisense and typically one of these is either overlooked or underestimated in the field: thermodynamics, concentration, and delivery.
Thermodynamics refers to the critical oligo properties necessary for activity: binding energy, complementarity, dimer formation, base-stacking interactions, tetra-G formations and other critical properties. Oligo expert has incorporated all of the critical thermodynamic aspects of oligo deisgn into Oligo Maker, our proprietary oligo design and analysis tool.
Concentration refers to the concentration required in the cell in order to achieve optimal antisense results. This is an often poorly understood aspect of antisense and it's important to understand that concentration often has both a mimimum AND a maximum concentration: too little oligo and you have no results; too much and you have off-target effects.
Delivery refers to getting the oligo into the cell where it can bind to RNA. This is typically the most underestimated of all antisense issues. It also happens to be a very important focus for many basic researchers and drug companies. Without delivery, thermodynamics and concentration are irrelevant. There are thankfully many ways to achieve delivery for many research systems and there are several promising techniques on the horizon for achieving delivery in humans.
Oligo Expert keeps track of the providers of antisense oligos for both research and therapeutics and follows the current trends in achieving delivery so that you can get the help you need to make your goals a reality.